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I am totally addicted to the Pampering Body Oil. The idea of formulating this product was born over a year ago and it became my beloved product since then.

I love the fact that the oils do not have to be preserved, and many other unnecessary chemicals do not have to be included in the body oil formula. I have eczema prone skin and less is really more for me. I try to say away from all unnecessary chemicals, yet I want to be able to hydrate my skin and smell divine!

Lotion and creams are emulsion and require not only to be preserved but also to be thickened, stabilize and balanced with PH adjusters. Most lotions and creams contain no more then 10% of oil in their formulation. The rest is water (even up to 90%), emulsifier, balancer, thickener, preservatives, yes sometimes even few, fragrance....

Body oils can perform the same task body lotions are known for and do much more . They aren't diluted and the benefits are much greater and last longer. You will not only be saving buying oils instead of lotions but also provide your skin with real nourishment. The result of body oil application is long lasting. Your supple healthy skin will stay soft and moisturized for longer even in cold or dry and hot climates.

Less is more is the philosophy behind my Pampering Body Oil formulation! You only get what your skin craves the most - ultra nourishing, revitalizing emollients. All you need to add is "fresh", unpreserved  water to create a truly luxurious and deeply hydrating cream!

The correct application of the body oil makes a big difference. Once you try my tips you will say bye-bye to lotions and creams.

• Always apply body oil on wet or damp skin, preferable after shower. I like to apply it on a very wet skin before I pat my skin with a dry towel. Try both applications, on wet skin first and then test on lightly dried skin next day. Massage for a few seconds to allow the oil and the water to penetrate your skin and create a barrier that will seal the moisture in keeping you hydrated for hours

• Lightly pat your skin dry with a towel after you are done or to remove some water. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing. 

• If your skin requires an extra application at mid day, simply wet your hands, apply a drop or two of oil and massage like you would your lotion. 

You will notice as days go by, the need for applications during the day is reduced to 1 or 2 with oil opposite to 5 or 6 with lotions.  

• I do not suggest to use the oil on dry skin unless you are going to the beach and want to get a shiny look. Mixing the oil with water not only provides hydration but also turns the oil into a fast absorbing and ultra softening delicacy. You can test both, dry and wet application and see what works better for your skin.

• Do not use too much! A little goes a long way, long way. Just a few drops might be all you need. You can always add more if you need it. I start with two pumps for my upper body, two for my torso and two per each leg. The amount of oil varies from individual to individual, skin type, season and your personal liking. Testing is the only way to know what your skin likes the most. 

The 6 oz bottle will last for months. I use the oil every day, my skin requires only one application a day and the bottle lasts for 6 months! I started with two applications and since I learned what my skin likes I now only need to apply the oil once a day. I keep my bottle under the shower and when I am done showering I just turn the water off and apply the oil. I actually keep three bottles in my shower since I could not wait to try a new scents. My 4 year old son loves Vanilla Bon-Bon and I could not resist to try the new Sicilian Lemon & Sugar so I opened a new bottle few weeks ago. Pink Jasmine & Mint was my summer 2017 pick but now seasons are changing and I am tempted to try the Sandalwood & Coco. It is so comforting and that is what I need in fall. 

I could not be more proud of the Pampering Body Oil performance. I love my irresistible soft skin and comfortable feel that stays all day long. I know for sure that I will never go back to lotion and that you will just fall in love with my Pampering Body Oil. 

I packed the bottle with precious, ultra nourishing oils for you to experience only the best. Here is a list of ingredients I am very proud to announce:


If you are ready to try the Pampering Body Oil, here is a coupon code for 20% discount for your soon to become "beloved purchase".Code: LOVEMYBODY

Enjoy, share and bee happy!






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