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 A unique of its kind layered candle burns for 60 hours, telling you its own spectacular story. 

As the candle begins to burn, the story of Love is told in its two distinct layers of captivating aromas melting effortlessly one into another. First, the much-loved Pomelo fragrance with the lavish scent of exotic citrus, aromatic thyme, vetiver, and patchouli start filling the room. The two scents meet together in the heart of the candles creating a very niche scent of citrus and woods. The story ends with White Cashmere & Amber fragrance and its comforting notes of amber, cashmere wood, and oud, blended with a hint of spicy vanilla, plum, and aged liquor.  

If you LOVE burning candles, you absolutely must try this limited edition layered candle.

The candle arrives in a scented box, beautifully wrapped and tied with our signature Red Knot accompanied by A BOX OF MATCHES - a gift that keeps giving, perfect for cozy evenings.

Handpoured In the USA

Candle making is a masterclass in science and artistry. Each candle scent is unique and undergoes a careful development process and experimentation to ensure they emit as expected. It's a meticulous and expensive process that can take years to crack! 

Creating a layered candle by hand is another lovingly lengthy affair that requires the utmost care and patience. Precious fragrance oil is blended into slowly warmed wax, then decanted into warmed, cleaned, and wicked glasses. The layer needs to cool and harden, and then the pouring is repeated two more times, individually for each scent layer.

After the pouring and cooling process, about 36 hours later, the wick is trimmed, labels are hand-applied, and glass is polished and buffed. Finally, the lid is placed, candles are wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

A true labor of love - the layered candle is ready to tell you its story as you lighten it every time. Enjoy!

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