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Find your inner peace  and let us help you rediscover one of the most healthful simple pleasures in life - a blissful bath soak!

Yes, we oversize our Baths Soaks™ in order to fill them with generous amounts of Mother Nature’s miraculous gifts, enchanting scents, and lots of joy! We offer playful yet sophisticated bath treats that are truly beneficial for your body, mind, and soul.

We turn an ordinary bath into a spa worthy delight and give you something to look forward to at the end of a stressful day - a well deserved treat perfect for a busy mom, stressed out friend, an overloaded coworker or anyone who needs some pampering and love!


Our innovative effervescent Bath Soak™ swirls around you releasing moisturizing oils, enveloping your skin with a silky smoothness, while velvety foam gently cuddles your body.

As the bathing treat dissolves, infusing your bath with skin-loving luxuries, a delightful fragrant cloud drifts into the air and indulges the senses to evoke cherished memories, or inspire new joyful fantasies. This indulging experience provides restful solitude and a very special gift to yourself, or a wonderful, sensual treat to share with that special person. 


Bathing carries many benefits that are far-reaching, and extend well beyond your time in the tub. Known since ancient times for promoting health and an overall sense of well-being, soaking in a bath provides an endless list of benefits.

Since soaking in hot water improves blood circulation and provides better oxygen exchange helping each cell of your body, it gently boosts the function of all bodily systems. From improving your immunity, puling out toxins to a good night's sleep bathing is sure to help calm you mind and relax you body. It is actually amazing how beneficial such a little thing can be!

Our winning combination Botanical Conditioning Bland™  of minerals and skin loving ingredients delivers what skin needs to look its best: exfoliation, nourishment, and lasting hydration. Skin feels well moisturized, smooth and silky to the touch just after first bath!


We believe that everything that goes into the bathtub should be as clean and fresh as possible!

Gentle enough for everyday use, free of colorants and nanoparticles, our formula won’t leave your skin or tub discolored, sticky or oily so there is never a need to wash yourself or to clean the tub!

Our floral wrappers, swaddled around each Bath Soak™, not only create a charming presentation and a perfect just because gift, but also protect, and preserve the beneficial properties of our products, keeping them fresh, pure and safe to use.

Just fill the tub, drop in your Bath Soak and relax indulging in the blissful soak for as long as you like, and as often as you desire. 

Rediscover the pleasure of bathing, enjoy the moment, share your experience and never forget to take good care of yourself every day!

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