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Are looking for something special to offer your clientele? We transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, and give people a chance to relax and restore balance in their busy lives.


Yes, it is official that "bathing is back." We did our research and there is no doubt – a bathing treat that turns a simple bath into a heavenly, spa-worthy experience in the comfort of one’s own home is a popular escape for busy people. 

Most of your clients are already no strangers to the lure of a sensual soak. And those, who "can't seem to find the time", or "have never tried using a bath treat before", will soon change their minds. Those busy ladies out there just need to try our bathing delicacies once. They are deliciously addicting!

Oversized, filled with generous and restorative amounts of Mother Nature’s nourishing gifts, we offer an effervescent Bath Soak™ which swirls around releasing moisturizing oils, and envelopes the skin with silky smoothness. A  velvety foam gently cuddles the body while a delightful, fragrant cloud drifts into the air, indulging the  senses.
Winning combination of botanicals, minerals, and other natural ingredients makes skin feel smooth and silky to the touch just after your first bath! Pure and gentle enough for everyday use, our EXCLUSIVE SKIN LOVING CONDITIONING BLEND 
 Is 98% natural and free of paraben, silicone, petrolatum, sulfate, preservative, soap, and alcohol. Free of colorants and sticky nanoparticles so there is never a need to rinse off or a hassle to clean the tub. 
We are based here and have been since our inception. We blend our ingredients by hand with loving care. 
We source the best quality ingredients and produce our products in small batches. 
Delightful fragrance collection to choose from so there is something for everyone.
Beautifully wrapped not only to create an attractive presentation, but also to stay fresh, hygienic and safe. Displayed in our signature "Fit for a Queen" claw foot tub to charm and delight!

You can feel confident presenting our collection to your loyal clientele. Our existing client feedback has been overwhelming positive and here are just a few of our many reviews:

“This soak really took me to a whole new place of relaxation. The lavender is so light and fresh smelling all at the same time! I smelled absolutely fabulous after bathing in this soak at night and it lasted into the next day”!

“First, I want to say that the packaging is lovely. The little bee in the tub is so cute. Certainly is eye-catching.  Love the honeycomb bag, too.  Now to the product.  Wow!  I loved the way it exploded when it hit the water.  I also loved the creaminess of the water.  That was just great.”

"Loved the beautiful Rose Petals scent and skin softening effect. Was wonderful. Would make lovely gifts."

“As I said, this is a product that if I saw in a store would stop to take a look, just because the packaging is that cute, fun, enticing” 


    We hope that you will enjoy our products, enthusiastically share the discovery with your loyal clientele, and never forget we are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Humblebee's Toiletries Co., and invite those interested in exploring more to contact us. 

    Warm Regards,

    Humblebee's Toiletries Co.

    Concierge Tel: 847.687.1662

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